Vision Baptist Church

19443 Jefferson Davis Hwy, Ruther Glen, VA 22546
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Service Times

Sunday School 9:00 am - Sunday Morning 10:00 am - Sunday Evening 6:00 pm - Wednesday Study 7:00 pm

Statement of Faith

The Scriptures

We believe in the Holy Scripture: accepting fully the writings of the sixty-six books of the Old and New Testaments as the inerrant Word of God. We believe in the verbal, plenary, inspiration in the original writings, and God's preservation of His pure words to every generation. The Masoretic Text of the Old Testament and the Received Text of the New Testament (Textus Receptus) are those texts of the original languages we accept and use. We believe that the Bible is in all parts and therefore altogether sufficient as our only infallible and authoritative rule of faith and practice. Psalm 119:160; Proverbs 30:5a; 2 Timothy 3:16, 17; 2 Peter 1:19-21; Psalm 12:6-8.

The True God

We believe in the one true God: who is an intelligent, sovereign, spiritual and personal Being; perfect, infinite, and eternal in His being, holiness and love, wisdom and power; absolutely separate from and above the world as its Creator, yet everywhere present in the world as the Upholder of all things. He is revealed to us as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, three distinct persons but without division of nature, essence or being, and each having a distinct ministry in God's relation to His creation and people. Genesis 1:1; Exodus 15:11; Psalm 83:18, 139:7-9; Matthew 28:19; John 10:30, 15:26.

Jesus Christ

We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ: who is the second Person of the Triune God, the eternal Word and Only Begotten Son; that without any change in His divine Person, He became man by miracle of the virgin birth, thus to continue forever as both true God and true Man, one Person with two natures; that as Man He was tempted in all points as we are, yet without sin; that as the perfect Lamb of God He gave Himself in death by the shedding of His blood upon the cross, bearing there the sin of the world, and suffering its full penalty of divine wrath in our stead; that He arose from the grave in a glorified body; that as our great High Priest He ascended into Heaven, there to appear before the face of God as our Advocate and Intercessor. John 1:1, 14, 3:16; Matthew 1:18-25, Galatians 4:4, 5; Philippians 2:6-10; 1 Corinthians 15:3-7; Hebrews 4:14-16; 1 John 2:1, 2.

The Holy Spirit

We believe in the Holy Spirit: who is the Third Person of the Trinity, and the divine Agent in nature, revelation and redemption; that He convicts the world concerning sin, righteousness and judgment; that He regenerates, indwells, baptizes, seals and anoints all who become children of God through Christ; that he further empowers, guides, teaches, sanctifies and fills believers who daily surrender to Him. We believe that the sign gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as speaking in tongues and the gift of healing, were temporary. We believe that speaking in tongues was never the common or necessary sign of the baptism or filling of the Holy Spirit and that ultimate deliverance of the body from sickness or death awaits the consummation of our salvation in the resurrection, though God frequently chooses to answer the prayer of believers for physical healing. Mark 16:17-20; John 3:5, 14:16, 17, 26, 16:7-14; Romans 8:9; 1 Corinthians 1:22, 12:13, 13:8, 4:21-22; 2 Corinthians 3:18, 12:12; Ephesians 1:13, 5:18; Hebrews 2:3-4.


Sunday School 9:00 am
Sunday Morning 10:00 am
Sunday Evening 6:00 pm
Wednesday Study 7:00 pm

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Vision Baptist Church
19443 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Ruther Glen, VA 22546
Office Phone (804) 448-8844

Pastor Jeff Hill
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